Aware and Unfolding

A Mountain against a blue sky with a lake below.

My Commitments

As a small business owner, it’s important to me that you know where your money flows and what it supports when you invest in my offerings. Below are some of my commitments, this list is not exhaustive, it is a beginning at best.

I am committed to being of service. I offer high-quality classes and sessions and aim to have a business that can offer services to those in need and not just those who can pay.

I donate a portion of my income to organizations that support social, racial, and environmental justice as well as indigenous-led organizations. I also donate to organizations that provide food and medical care for those in need and organizations that offer spiritual upliftment and teachings.

I am committed to liberation and equity for all beings. I strive to deconstruct my own privilege as well as listen to, learn from, and support those who have been marginalized and oppressed.

I am committed to accountability. We are all learning and growing, myself included. I value feedback and will respond where I feel appropriate.

I am committed to my own growth, healing and spiritual practices, to resting well, being honest with myself and others, and to listening deeply within.

I am committed to practicing cultural appreciation versus appropriation, to being transparent about my lineage, and to naming and honoring the traditions that I practice and study so as not to contribute to cultural erasure.

I believe that we are all constantly growing and changing and I honor the perfection of where we each are on our own unique journeys. I hold space with compassion and do not nurture the expectation that we all have the same commitments.

Above all else, I am committed to love and truth. I do not cultivate toxic positivity or intentionally pursue spiritual bypasses. I believe that it is in meeting life as it is and ourselves as we are that the path to peace can open. For me, living in love and truth is an on-going practice of devotion and inquiry, un-peeling the layers, asking questions, taking action when needed and allowing my heart to open to the world and the great mystery of it all, more and more.