Aware and Unfolding

A Mountain against a blue sky with a lake below.

Come home to your center, unwind and find clarity and resources within.

Hi! My name is Katy,

(she/her/hers) and I offer 1-1 iRest® sessions for women and non-binary folx.


iRest® comes out of the ancient wisdom of Kashmiri Shavism and is a non-dual practice that can support you in navigating challenges, unwinding conditioning, stepping into your deepest inner knowing, exploring your essence and enhancing peace and well-being from within.


We all need support sometimes. I’ve been practicing iRest® for almost 20 years and a certified teacher for 10+ years and love offering 1-1 sessions. Click below to learn more or send me a message, I would love to hear from you.


All sessions are remote. No meditation or iRest® experience necessary.